Nevada Insurance 101 - Get the specifics on Open Enrollment, including who, what, where and why.

What you need to know about open enrollment and how to enroll in a health insurance policy

What you need to know about open enrollment and how to enroll in a health insurance policy

The 2019 Open Enrollment officially begins November 1st and ends December 15. Open enrollment is the time period during which consumers can purchase a health insurance plan for 2019.  If you do not buy a health insurance plan during Open Enrollment, you may have a waiting period before you can get coverage.


Consumers who are interested in obtaining subsidies or tax credits to help pay for health insurance can purchase a policy through Nevada Health Link. This is the sixth enrollment period since the Affordable Care Act was implemented.


How to shop


There are several ways to purchase a health insurance policy. Nevada Health Link, powered by, is the online marketplace for consumers to purchase a health insurance policy. Nevada Health Link provides free assistance by licensed enrollment professionals. Visit Nevada Health Link to learn about the enrollment process, things you will need to enroll and much more. Nevada Health Link also provides information to help you find in-person assistance with navigators and licensed brokers and agents in your area. These professionals  can help you compare and break down all plans available to you so you can decide which plan is best for you and your family. To qualify for a subsidy, you must purchase your health insurance plan through Nevada Health Link.


Nevadans can also reach out directly to an insurance carrier for help purchasing a health insurance policy. You may visit the Division’s website at to view the list of insurance carriers and plans available.


The Division encourages every Nevadan to protect themselves and their family against a great financial burden from a health issue.  Dealing with illness or injury is sufficiently stressful without adding a financial component into the mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone should shop for coverage...even if you already have insurance. There are new plans available each annual enrollment period so you should be sure to review your options. Even if you decide to stay with your current plan, here are some questions you should ask to be sure that you pick the plan that is best for you.

  • Does the health plan cover your preferred doctor?

  • Are your current medications covered by this plan?

  • Are you eligible for a subsidy?

  • Do you anticipate high or low medical expenses next year?

  • Is the premium affordable?

  • Is the deductible affordable?

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